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EPS fast mold changing moulding machine
Product description Product description Product parameters

1).Shape molding process: the process of our shape molding use Germany technology-----shape molding under low temperature and low pressure, demoulding in high temperature, for Less energy consumption, Shorter cycle time, Higher production efficiency

2).High quality:

l         Standard components(such as valves, control, hose, etc) in steam machine use imported brand(Germany/Italy/Japan) to improve equipment quality and delay using life

l         Whole equipment mechanical frame is welded by 16Mn (High manganese steel Q345), frame thickness, machine strength and machine weight is higher than others.

l         Make Zinc spraying layer and spraying plastics layer on the surface of whole equipment frame, which guarantees the best capability and long lifetime for anti-corrosion.

3).How we can save energy consumption for customer:

l         Steam system use full digital proportional control, combined Proportional valve (SMC fromJapan) with angle seat valve(GEMU fromGermany) and Solenoid valve, can automatically adjust the degree of valve open/close by signal, to have a precise control of production energy consumption. While other suppliers use balance valve which only can

l         Equipped with condenser and vacuum pump for every machine, mainly use vacuum cooling, and 10s water cooling as an auxiliary, to accelerate product shaping speed, shorter the cooling time & reduce product water content. 

l         Through vacuum cooling, mold chamber temperature can keep to be 70-75C when demoulding, to reduce steam consumption and short heating time for next cycle.

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