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epp foam machinery for car parts
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Pipeline system

1) Steam pipeline system: the steam input of movable side use the ways of combined rotary assembly type, which reduce the hose using, to reduce more cost. All valves of steam system use imported brand (GEMU fromGermany). The steam input of movable side and fix side use the ways of combined the High frequency solenoid valve and digital proportional valve with Pressure sensor, two valves of two branches on main steam, to ensure the Efficiency and stability of equipment steam, and also can reduce steam loss.

2) Air system: the machine can be equipped with air drying degreasing device (Optional) if customer need, to ensure the normal working and using life of air element. All air system element use imported brand (SMC).

3) Vacuum system: can equip with separated-working high efficient cooling system, working Negative pressure can reach to be -0.7bar.

Hydraulic system

1) Our hydraulic driving system use an double connection vane pump(Taiwanbrand), it can reach quick-slow speed auto change, having quick response, low noise and long using lifetime. The speed of mould closing can reach to be 220mm/s, the speed of mould opening can reach to be 260mm/s.

2) Having 6 units of hydraulic cylinder, 2 units of main driving cylinder, and 4 units of mould locking cylinder, to ensure the effect of mould locking. The pressure of mould chose can reach 220bar.

3). the hydraulic driving unit all use YOULI valves fromTaiwan.

  Control system

1) PLC and touch screen all use Siemens brand fromGermany.

2) The controlling of steam pipeline valve all use Germany SMC electro pneumatic digital proportional valve, use all Digital Proportional Pulse flowing control program, the parameter set is easier, improve production efficient and reduce energy consumption.

3)      Pressure keeping of eps material in the machine hopper uses the way to combine electro pneumatic proportional valve and pressure sensor to control, to Precise ensure required pressure of the pressure keeping of machine hopper.

4)      When the safe system having fault and safe door is open, the single safety control circuit will cut the PLC output power and working power of AC contactor, so the machine can’t run, which ensure the safety of maintenance personnel.

  Filling system

1) Filling ways: can free switching on PLC system

Normal pressure filling, Compression filling, Counter filling (by pressure difference)

2) Machine usual hopper types:(Can be customized too)

Hopper with 16 material tube connections, two hoppers, totally 32 holes (16x2)

Hopper with 25 material tube connections, two hoppers, totally 50 holes (25x2)

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